Nap time


In his album Werewolves and Lollypops, comedian and nerd-god Patton Oswalt rants about a film he (mistakenly) calls Death Bed: The Bed that Eats People.


The film, shot in 1977, either went missing or was never released (I found conflicting information) until 2004 on DVD. There is even word the director, George Barry, claims he forgot he even made it. (?)

Needless to say, it has now achieved some kind of cult status. Frankly, it’s really more of a film you want to dare your friends to watch than anything: This movie can seriously tax your patience as it goes about exploiting its incredibly stupid premise. Oswalt is right in getting laughs not from what is IN the film but by trying to wrap his head around its very existence.

Here is the damn thing in its entirety.
Try not to fall asleep.

Pain Level: Very high
Quality of Pain: You better lie down

Painjoyment™ Index: Advanced Cinémasochists only



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