Out on a limb

The practice of Cinémasochism isn’t just about being able to claim one has survived a painful experience. Any moron can denigrate a film and heckle it to feel superior. That’s just a form of intellectual masturbation for bullies. True cinemasochism is about finding pleasure in films most people assume are bad. It’s about braving the odd looks people give you when seeking pleasure in “forbidden” territory. It goes beyond admitting you enjoy a bad film but have transgressed into appreciating the full genius of it.

The full reward of Cinémasochim is to have expanded the scope of your pleasure sources to include works of art one loves like an faithful ugly dog you’ve rescue from the needle . It’s also the realization that a good film shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

One such film is The Crippled Masters. It’s not a painful film, per se, but the premise is a tad cringe-worthy as one hero gets his arms hacked off and the other sees his legs burned by acid into lifelessness in the opening act.

However, their retribution is a wonder to behold as the brave souls overcome their handicaps in a whiz-bang display of  ass-kickery that’ll have you think twice before you illegally park in the handicap zone again.

I’m sure the trailer has made you want to see this film more than anything in existence right ow, so I will be fully accommodating.



About The Cinémasochist

Artefacts from a former life where I gave a shit about cinema. As far as I’m concerned, cinema is a 20th Century art form. I no longer care and will be pulling the plug on this blog soon. View all posts by The Cinémasochist

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