How to survive a nuclear attack

Demonstrating the proper way of greeting the invading troups of commie pedophiles.

Yeah, the 50s looked like such a wonderful time -If you forget the ever-present threat of Nuclear anihilation that is.

Never mind guys with exploding sneakers or underpants, them Russkies had rockets, nuclear warheads and a hankerin’ for our women.

Fortunately the good people at Civil Defense had a plan.

And it’s one you can sing along to…

This 16 mm film was shipped to schools across America with an accompanying 45 rpm record and booklets so they could stage daily drills.

And, frankly, given the fact total nuclear disarmament hasn’t happened yet, I strongly recommend you bookmark this page and make it a daily visit. I say his because I care for you. I really do. And I don’t want to your last thought before you vaporize to be “damn, I should have followed that Cinemasochist’s advice to follow the cartoon turtle’s advice.”

This film is really informative too- as when the teacher explains that there are two kinds of nuclear attack: “with warning” and “without warning”. It’s reassuring to know Civil Defense had all the bases covered.

Oh, and incidentally the Federal Civil Defense Administration is currently known under its current appelation: The Federal Emergency Management Agency or, if you prefer, FEMA.


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