A Heartfelt Recommendation!

Here’s a change of pace.

Today’s movie involves no pain at all. It’s an absolutely fantastic documentary that’s now on an even more drool-inducing DVD: American Grindhouse

The movie is an absolute must-see for anyone intrigued by the world of independent/exploitation cinema with chapters on early exploitation, nudie-cuties, roughies, gore extravaganzas, blaxploitation, women in prison films and all those wonderful subgenres of “para-cinéma”.

Think of it as a Michelin Guide to the world of celluloid sleaze. The clips and interviews will allow you to find new cinematic dominatrix’ to submit to and which brothel she’s operating in.

I should seriously be having a fit of jealous rage as producer/director Elliah Drenner has basicaly succeeded where I failed a few years back (I was planning a similar project but my overly-greedy producer fucked up the sweet deal I had set to get clips-therefore causing that vault to close up tight).  I think he did a better job that I could have.

Featured in the interviews are such luminaries of exploitation cinema as Roger Corman, Fred Williamson and Larry Cohen (just to name a few) but also film buffs who truly know their shit – like John Landis.

Isn't it refreshing to hear about these films from a guy who enjoys them?

The disc itself is an absolute “must own” for the collector.  The nipple-hardening special features alone are worth the price of the disc. They include amazing interviews rescued from vaults (such as sweet 1987 interview with “The Mighty Monarch of the Eploitation World” David F. Friedman and “The Father of Gore Cinema” Hershell Gordon Lewis), extended versions of the interviews used the film (like the priceless one with Ilsa director Don Edmonds),  archival material and shitload of  trailers that’ll make you flip.

For this obsessive-compulsive consumer of celluloid curiosities, American Grinhouse is akin to a good medley. I can spin this sucker over and over like good ambient music.

It’s also a great film to bring your friends up to speed with your own obsession. I find that appreciation of sleazoid cinema grows with knowledge of the context in which these unholy bits of celluloid spawned. So spin this one at your next movie night and watch your obsession spread like a disease.

Oh, and for a few bucks more, Kino-Lorber tosses an extra documentary, this one about American horror films entitled Nightmares in Red, White and Blue.

It’s a no-brainer really…



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