Marital Aid

Not much is known about Dwain Esper.

This prominent member of the “40 Thieves” (the nickname given the pionneers of Exploitation Cinema) is said to have won a film lab and small studio in a card game and decided to put it to good use.

His output usually thumbed its nose at the production code of the time. Under the guise of “educating the masses”, Esper’s films would titillate and ring in the suckers with such exposés as Marihuana, Tell Your Children (a.k.a. Reefer Madness), They Must Be Told (a.k.a. Sex Madness) and the (literally) eye-popping Maniac. He was such a salesmen that when a local censor named Hildegard Stadie banned his one of his films, he walked right her office and not only convinced her let his film screen but also got her to marry him. Hildegard Esper would become his principal writer as well as his secret weapon when it came to working around other local censors.

Capitalizing on it’s star Elaine Barrie-Barrymore who, in turn, is capitalizing on her ex-husband John Barrymore, 1937’s How to Undress in Front of your Husband is a short which will have you acclaim clothing as the greatest achievement ever by humans as they compare two boudoir disrobing styles, first with Ms. Barrymore.

Miss Elaine Barrie-Barrymore

Then with Trixie Frighanza:


Click on this YouTube link at your peril.

Pain Level: 7

Quality of Pain: Depends on your orientation.


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