A Cringing Musical Interlude

Back in 1980, RCA  executives foamed at the mouth when they saw their japanese record label was getting massive sales figures over disco duo Pink Lady.

So blinded by the figures that they didn’t even consider the fact the girls, Mie and Kei, didn’t speak a word of english and stuck them in a Sonny & Cher type variety show. Since they needed comedy to supplement the singing , NBC talent scouts went looking for a young hot comic from the numerous up and coming performers in local L.A. clubs (at a time where that pool of talent included David Letterman and Jay Leno) and got Jeff Altman.

“They must’ve called alphabetically” Altman often joked “had they called Z to A, Letterman probably would have gotten this gig.”

And thus, Pink Lady & Jeff was born.

To make matters worse, the network decided that since Americans did not know any of Pink Lady‘s hits (which were actually good, btw), they should perform established American hits like Earth, Wind and Fire’s Boogie Wonderland.


Pain Level: 9/10

Quality of Pain: It’s a toss up between feeling the humiliation the girls had to endure or their mangling of the english language.


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Artefacts from a former life where I gave a shit about cinema. As far as I’m concerned, cinema is a 20th Century art form. I no longer care and will be pulling the plug on this blog soon. View all posts by The Cinémasochist

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