This one hurts all around (a post for Gay pride)

Sid Davis’ intentions were good.

His first film, Girls Beware, came about when he received a $6000 contribution from Hollywood Legend John Wayne to produce a prevention films warning young girls not to get into cars with strangers.

The predators are lurking everywhere!

It’s a worthy cause. So far, this writer has no beef.

Then Davis turned to warning boys. Not a bad idea either. Except that , somewhere along the way, the definition of “sexual predator” got mingled with that of “homosexual”.

The result is something painful not in the viewing experience but rather in how it helped reinforce negative, hurtful stereotypes. You see, according to Boys Beware, homosexuality is a “disease of the mind …but no less contagious”.

That guy Ralph is a sick sick man.

So in honor of Gay Pride, the Cinémasochist would like to pause and present this cringe-worthy little short. One hopes it will be viewed from a perspective of having moved forward.

Pain Level: Unable to assess damage

Quality of Pain: Ignorance hurts others

One last thing: if you think people no longer think that way- think again:


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