Attack of the 6 foot Trouser Snake!

And I thought Doris Wishman’s Deadly Weapons would be hard to beat. In that mob revenge flick, Chesty Morgan uses her 73 inch bust to breast up the mob…I mean her 73 inch breasts to bust up the mob…I mean…she takes out mobsters as she gets them off.

Enter Jamaa Fanaka, auteur of some of the guiltiest pleasures in the realm of Blaxploitation. Some people refer to him as the “Black Ed Wood” but that’s really unfair to both men as Fanaka is a truly unique crackpot auteur in his own right.

I was busy researching a piece on his whacked out prison/boxing melodrama Penitentiary II (which features a bizarre cameo by Mr. T and has Ernie Hudson -the “forgotten Ghostbuster”- do something with potato salad which may put you off the stuff for he rest of your unnatural life) when I came across his 1975 thesis film, Welcome Home, Brother Charles.

In this grindhouse classic, Charles’ near-castrated Roger is res-erected via the power of Voodoo. He then uses his Magic Johnson to dispense anaconda-like justice to those pricks who shafted him- choking them like the lizards they are. Now that’s what I call a stiff sentence!

Still don’t believe me from the picture? Here’s a clip!

You kind of have to wonder how his teachers reacted. How did they grade it? Then again, Crown International picked it up for distribution so Fanaka obviously got the last laugh.

It is currently available on DVD under the alternate title Soul Vengeance.

I understand this piece is a bit premature (not to mention immature) but I just couldn’t wait to post this. A bigger, longer, uncut piece is headed your way.


Feel the full length of the movie!

Pain Level: 6.9/10

Quality of Pain: Feels a little stiff.


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