What Heaven will be like

From Diane Keaton’s artsy-fartsy feature Heaven, here is a profoundly disturbing little piece of found footage:

That was truly inspirational, wasn’t it? I especially like the look of horror on the children’s faces as the big mouthed tiny lady starts preachin’ n’ singin’.

So what, you may ask, is HELL going to be like?

My guess is that it’s going to be a lot like this:

…Over and over and over again. Ad infinitum.

Hurts just to think about it, don’t it?

Personally, HEAVEN would be an endless Scopitone with Joi Lansing:

Just remember that subscribing to The Cinémasochist will reduce your stay in Purgatory by about 12, 435 years. I’ll personally guarantee it. If they give you any trouble at the Pearly Gates just mention this site.


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Artefacts from a former life where I gave a shit about cinema. As far as I’m concerned, cinema is a 20th Century art form. I no longer care and will be pulling the plug on this blog soon. View all posts by The Cinémasochist

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