And now, a word from our sponsor.

Yessir! We serve turkeys here.


About The Cinémasochist

Artefacts from a former life where I gave a shit about cinema. As far as I’m concerned, cinema is a 20th Century art form. I no longer care and will be pulling the plug on this blog soon. View all posts by The Cinémasochist

2 responses to “And now, a word from our sponsor.

  • The Cinémasochist

    A big shoutout to Andrew Swaine for pointing out this one to me.

    Andrew used to only like decent and good entertainment. Then he became a pupil of mine and …well, it’s kinda sad, really.

  • Andrew K Swaine

    I just never really shared with you how Dark and Twisted I actually was. Only from my cave do I feel safe exposing the tormented soul I am. Of course your influence has made it harder to hide my true depravity.

    Looking forward to your musings and miss your wit, “LIVE”.

    Now as I sit in my cave and scheme my next emergence in public I can continue to get my daily dose of Cinemasochism.

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