Something for Papa!

BatwomanRene Cardona’s La Mujer Murcielago, was a blatant attempt at cashing in on late 60s Bat-Mania.

There’s a bit of a plot. Scientists in a basement use colorful electric equipment to zap a fishtank in which they place a G.I. Joe- not the soldier, the action-figure- and created some kind of fishman.

But mainly, the film is about lovely Maura Monti modelling various ensembles accessorized with the bat-cowl. This was decades before Thora Birch in Ghost World.

This movie takes the age old tradition of including “something for dad” (like when Disney puts Lindsay Lohan in a Herbie movie) in films aimed at youth audiences to a new level. It’s more like they included something for the kids in a dad movie.

I can imagine the scene in a Mexican household in 1968:

“Come on, Pepito, Papa is taking you to the movies.”

“Oh, gracias Papa. What are you taking me to see? The new El santo movie?”

“No, Pepito. Papa is taking you to see The Batwoman.”

“But Papa, we have seen it already.”

“Didn’t you say you liked it?”

“Si, Papa. But we’ve been going every weekend for the past six months!”

I have since located it on YouTube – with subtitles.

It works better as a “ambient” film. The kind of film you play in the background while you do something else. Actually following it can be a tad taxing.

It also goes great with plenty of cerveza and drunken amigos.

Pain Level: 7/10

Quality of Pain: Mui mui caliente!



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One response to “Something for Papa!

  • Kristin

    Would make for a hell of a costume. Almost all the Halloween costumes sold for women are “Slutty _____”. At least this would have have a fun cult reference!

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